Album: A Very Nervous Boy

Have you ever been to a department store, perhaps in the “young adults” section, and seen those lollipop band videos they play?

Well, if you happened to be cruising through Nordstrom in Seattle, looking for those perfect jeans, you may have seen this electrifying video being played. I also promised not to mention the fact they played in the men’s department between the rather expensive ties and oh so fancy briefs – those were the days…

Most bands have great stories. Wonderlux has two really. The first story is one they all would like to forget.  The band walked into the studio and started laying down tracks for their debut album. With about half the album recorded they found themselves without master tapes. By no fault of their own the recordings had disappeared in what can only be remembered as a studio owner dispute. They did eventually get the tapes back and walked into another studio with their good friend Steve Mack. He assisted in piecing together the two studio efforts and co-produced the album. It took a year, but finally the debut album was released on flameproofmusic.

The second story covers the highlight of the Wonderlux years. With CD in hand they began to “shop the band”. Larry received a call from an old friend. The next thing they knew, the band was on a plane headed for Hollywood Studios. Wonderlux was invited to make an appearance and perform on the new Roseanne talk show. After fending off Jeff from emptying the Limo’s cocktail bar, they arrived in TV land. Studio rehearsals to dressing rooms and then finally on stage as they performed the song “Saccarine” in front of a live audience. I

The band also played two other shows in LA. They weren’t so enjoyable other than watching “Mighty Whitey” do battle with a dripping ceiling at some seedy bar. Then a performance at the legendary Whiskey. But hey, that’s show biz as they say…