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Transient Songs “Foreign Rooms” Review by TheShrevest

Early Radiohead + Velvet Underground = Transient Songs “Foreign Rooms”. That’s a compliment. “Foreign Rooms”, the sophomore effort from Seattle-based Transient Songs, is a fun listen from beginning to end. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, it should only be a matter of time.

“Foreign Rooms” is a nine tracks of jangly down-tempo college rock. In addition to invoking images of Radiohead and Velvet Underground, you’ll get some Joy Division overtones at times. The percussion, crafted by Ian Piña, sets the mood and atmosphere for this record. It’s called “Foreign Rooms”, but it would not be out of place at your summer evening back patio bbq. The guitar work is very clean, and the lead and rhythm sections are in constant communication with one another, almost as though they are having conversations. The basslines, for sake of comparison, are very reminiscent of what you might expect from Interpol, but Transient Sounds is much less moody. The vocals are well done, almost spoken-word at times, but never out of rhythm.

All these comparisons are not meant to suggest that this is a ripoff of other bands – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. “Foreign Rooms” is still a very original effort, and it’s put together in great fashion. The album begs to be played from beginning to end. If you’re a fan of any of the bands mentioned above, I would fathom that you will find something here that you enjoy.

As good as it is, the album isn’t perfect – it features some overdone cliche (“We are the last of a dying breed…”) and some of the songs sound very similar to one another, but these are minor and don’t take away from the enjoyment of the album.

Standout tracks: “Idle Hands”, “Southern City Saturdays”, “Sparrows” (which features a beautiful string arrangement), “Places that Scare You”, “Foreign Rooms”

TheShrevest Official UnScholar “Foreign Rooms” Score: B+. Pick it up and you’re not likely to be disappointed with your purchase.

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