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The Pyramid Ship | Going Out EP | Review by Sound of Confusion

With The Pyramid Ship and this debut EP, Hogg, along with musical partner Charlie Morton, is shaking off any shackles and simply delivering tight, superbly-crafted modern rock. The title track opens the EP and punches out in true style. There are shades of latter-day Stone Temple Pilots and lost Brit-rockers The Senseless Things, in the rolling grooves. It’s a powerhouse of a song driven by Hogg’s vocals; as was once said  it’s a “mindshaker meltdown” of a track.

‘Outside My Door’ slinks in on a dirty bass rumble. This is maintained throughout the song. Hogg indulges his best Robert Plant lasciviousness, and “hears her knocking”. ‘Outside My Door’ is a dirty, sultry beast that is all the better for being recorded up close and personal. Keeping the Zepp-size groove on, ‘Riding’ swims in on another low-slung trip. It has a looseness not seen since Reef and their early tracks such as ‘Naked’. The song then finds its own footing and stomps with an almost raw-glam power. The concluding track to the EP is ‘Breaking up’, it’s fresher than the low-slung tracks previous. ‘Breaking Up’ houses a wonderful skyscraping chorus that lights up the whole song. The song then stretches out in a psychedelic, bewitching brew, before finding its rock-solid base taking us out in classic fashion. This is a delightful entrée that whets the appetite and leaves you craving for what The Pyramid Ship will give us next.

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