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The Pyramid Ship | Going Out EP | Review by Chad Wolfe

The recording wants to be out of control, but the juggernaut is tethered tightly to tradition—backbone rhythm and strong guitar. Makes it seem odd to reference Jack and Meg on this one, but The Pyramid Ship do it—they raise the ghosts of The White Stripes to compel this EP to work for those craving the simplicity of a guitar. A Drum. Vocals. Power. Sex. We never knew if Meg and Jack were married, but we didn’t really care. They shook it down.

The Pyramid Ship is in the same ilk. They jam heavy on drums and guitar riffs, screaming lyrics sound calm and smooth. Nice band lifting spirits of Ian Astbury and The Cult, The Doors, Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine, and The White Stripes. They know they can handle the wattage, but beyond this album will they get original? Let us see. They are on the horizon.

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