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Introducing Digital Vinyl CD

As an independent record label the growth of vinyl is an encouraging sign to the overall music industry. In 2011, 3.9 million records were sold compared to approx. 800,000 in 2005. There was also a great demand for turntables as reported in Nov of 2012.

We’d love for our current artists to release first on vinyl like the old days.  Without a strong fan base the cost of manufacturing vinyl is high in this digital media era. We continue to look for new options to get music on vinyl.

Consuming digital is much easier for the average fan and simply getting music on their iPods works. Even Neil Young is trying to raise the digital standard with his Pono music player. The debate goes on…

flameproofmusic offers our artistes and their fans a little old school era meets the modern era with its Limited Edition Digital Vinyl CD releases. These CDs resemble miniature LPs with realistic album grooves! They also come in sleek 250gsm card that make the whole package resemble a retro 45 experience. The discs play in all standard CD players. The cool factor is priceless.

For these limited edition releases it also gives the artists a chance to add extra tracks, bonus material or alternative versions of their regular album release.

flameproofmusic wants to make it easy and affordable for the fans to get the format they want at a reasonable price. Our pricing and packaging is standard for all releases:

Digital Download Only – $6
Digital Download plus Physical CD – $10
Digital Download plus Physical CD, plus Limited Edition Digital Vinyl CD – $14
(check individual artist details for what is included in their digital vinyl release)

Check back soon for our first Digital Vinyl CD release.