Gary Reynolds

Album: Volume One

After a successful release of Volume One at the beginning of 2013, Gary released his Summer EP.

“After a taking a break for 5 years and releasing Volume One (a compilation of my first two albums plus several unreleased tracks), I realized with Facebook, Twitter and the whole social media scene, there was a whole new fan base hearing this music for the first time. While I put the finishing touches on my third studio album, this Summer EP is a collection of straight up rock tunes for those summer drives. This is also the EP sent over to FX that ended up getting -I Wanna Go Home- featured on the TV hit series Legit” – Gary Reynolds.

The 4 song EP includes the tracks; Golden Rules, You Are What You See, Silver Spoon and I Wanna Go Home. Limited edition Gold Sleeve retro vinyl CD version available exclusively at CDBABY and includes type the 14 tracks from Volume One for a total of 18 tracks — Order

Volume One features 14 tracks of pure Gary Reynolds – heavy pop leaning mixed with indie psychedelic rock. You will hear comparisons to Lennon, Bowie and Brit-pop all coming from this side of the pond.

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“The atmosphere and feeling on the record make it feel like it came from the UK in the late 70s, but it sounds fresh. It serves as a tribute to the musical heritage of some fantastic bands and artists – think Velvet Underground’s piano/organ sounds, Bowie’s structure or lack thereof, with some fantastic guitar work thrown in.” -TheShrevest

Although his work rewards repeat listens, it’s all instantly connective. Electric. Immediate

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Brand new album coming 2014