Circa 1992

As a booking agent in London you receive many demos from artists or managers. I’ve mentioned here in other pages that many of these bands were just bread and butter acts to pay the rent – and others were bands you hoped you could make successful.

I came across a box of lps the other day and pulled out a EP by this band – Float. I even found the cassette tape that I used to book them some gigs at colleges in the UK. Float were another band I spent a short time with trying to make successful. I thought there music alone could get them gigs at some of the college and university venues – and it did (with a little persuasion). I don’t think I actually met the band or made it to a gig in fact (for whatever reason). I dug their music nonetheless and setup a tour in the UK. I have no idea what happened to them – but their music lives on in my collection.